Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage promotes the optimal functioning of the lymphatic system. It helps to to remove the metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria and other substances. It has a powerful cleansing, relaxing, pain relieving & immunological effects. It is a gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage that can be wonderfully relaxing.

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Deeply relaxing
  • Decongestive (removes lymphoedema)
  • Pain Relieving
  • Improves wound healing and scarring
  • Detoxifying

Who can enjoy Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

As with all hands-on holistic therapies, Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage may not be suitable for everyone and certain medical conditions may prevent the use of this treatment, or may require your GP’s consent. A full consultation will be carried out before your first treatment which enables us to ensure that this massage is right for you.